Your Only Limit Is Your Imagination

The magic of OurClassBook is that you and your students can publish a book about anything and at any time of the year!

Below are some sample books and book topic ideas to help spark inspiration in your classroom. If you would like some tips or suggestions, you can always reach out to our team at or 01 616 6443.

You can also explore our full library of student-created sample books.

Don’t limit yourself to the ideas you see below. This programme is a blank canvas and you can publish a book about anything. Get your students involved when selecting your book topic – they will undoubtedly have some great ideas.

Montessori and Primary Classes

We encourage you to browse all the book titles below, not just those of your class' level. Inspiration can be found in unexpected places!

All About Us

Choosing a topic where your students’ interests are front and centre is a great way to motivate students to write and draw. Some fun book ideas are:
This Is Our Story
When We Grow Up
Our Hopes and Dreams
People We Admire
Oh, The Places We’ll Go
Our Dreams
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You Want Animals, You Got Animals!
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Nature, Science & The World

Why not teach the writing process while also learning about the world we live in? Here are some fun book titles we’ve received from other classes:
Animals of the World
Amazing Planets
Places We Would Love to Visit
Saving the Planet
Super Science Experiments
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
What a Wonderful World

Holidays and Events

Topical moments and events throughout the year make for a fun writing experience. Why not consider publishing a book on one of these holidays?
Spooky Halloween Stories
Magical Christmas Tales
Our Kindness Book (World Kindness Day)
The Story of St. Patrick
Our Summer Holidays
Traditions Around the Globe
Striking Sights
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If We Were Billionaires
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Get lost in a world of fantasy and imagination in your classroom! Conjure up wild fictional adventures with your students to inspire creative writing.
If We Were Millionaires
A Collection of Fairy Tales
If We Ruled The World
Dream Big
If I Had Three Wishes
If I Were A Superhero

Language & Poetry

Get your students excited about language and poetry by publishing your very own book. These types of books let students practice their literacy skills in a creative way.
Our Anthology
Our Movie Dialogue
Our Poetry Book
Amazing Poets & Authors
Rhyme Time
Silly Sentences
5th Class Poetry
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Nuair a Fhásaimid Suas
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Scaoil draíocht na Gaeilge le OurClassBook! Déanann ár gclár foilsitheoireachta an Ghaeilge tarraingteach, cruthaitheach agus spraíúil. Is breá linn na hábhair leabhar seo:
Nuair a Fhásaimid Suas
Lá Fhéile Phádraig
Bliainiris Rang a ______
An Saol Atá Romhainn

Your Class Cookbook

Teach your students the art of procedural writing with the help of OurClassBook. Engage your class in the exciting journey of creating a captivating cookbook that not only enhances their writing skills but also sparks their culinary creativity. Let them explore the magic of descriptive language and precise sequencing as they contribute their own unique recipes to a collective masterpiece. 

Our Class Memories
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End-Of-Year Project

Eternalise your students’ memories of their time in your class by publishing a book! It’s also a great way to exhibit the hard work and progress your students have made throughout the school year. Some great book titles for the end of the school year are:
Our Class Memories
Our Time In Primary School

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Secondary School

We offer a wide range of templates available for students. Alternatively, submissions can also be typed by students and submitted to us via email. Please contact us at to learn more about submitting your students' masterpiece via email.
Nuestras Personas Favoritas (1)
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Modern Foreign Languages

Writing in a foreign language can be challenging for students. Spanish, French and German teachers use this programme to motivate their students to write and learn. See one of our favourite student-created sample books from a First Year class about their favourite people (“Mis Personas Favoritas”).

Ranganna Gaeilge

Scaoil draíocht na Gaeilge le OurClassBook! Déanann ár gclár foilsitheoireachta an Ghaeilge tarraingteach, cruthaitheach agus spraíúil. Is féidir libh scríobh ar ábhar ar bith.



Molas agus Fioscéalta na hÉireann
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Stories to Tell
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Transition Year

Transition Year classes regularly tell us that publishing a book with OurClassBook was one of their favourite experiences from TY. Encapsulate your favourite moments from TY or


Sixth Year Yearbook

Create a yearbook with OurClassBook to encapsulate a small part of each student’s journey throughout their time in your school.

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Discover Student-Created Sample Books

See our full sample book library for inspiration for your class’ book.

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