Classroom publishing kit contents with CJ Fallon

1. Order Your Kit

Order your free publishing kit and set your submission date. Your submission date is a date of your choosing when you will send us your kits for publishing. You will receive your kit in the post approximately a week from when you sign up. Order your free kit today!

Our Publishing kits include: 64 pages for writing and drawing, in addition to Cover, Title, Dedication and Author Pages. Kits also contain a student-created sample book, teacher guide and parent order forms.

2. Write & Draw

This is where the magic happens! Get creative with your class and bring learning to life. Each student contributes two pages: one of writing and another of drawing. It’s the perfect project for all classes from Junior Infants to 6th Year.

Your class can write about any topic. See our Topics page for some inspiration!



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3. Submit Your Kit

Send us your kit one week before your submission date using the prepaid returns label included in your kit.

Once we receive your class’ kit, it takes just four to five weeks to receive your class’ professionally-bound published books. We also include a free teacher copy of your classbook free of charge!

Be sure to let parents know early on that their kids are becoming published authors. Parents can pre-order a copy of their child’s book for as little as €13*. There is no minimum order required to publish with OurClassBook!

*Limited time offer

4. Publish Authors

Congratulations! You officially have a class of published authors. Celebrate this amazing accomplishment with your students by having a book signing!

Be sure to share with us on social media using #LaochraScoile

Get started by ordering your free publishing kit today!


Primary school pupil holding published class book with illustrations and story

Click to open these student-created books for inspiration!

Countries of the World
Take a Journey Down the Road
When We Grow Up

How To Turn Your Class into Published Authors


With OurClassBook, publishing a book with your class has never been easier! Get started now by ordering your free kit. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all of our books, so there is no risk for teachers or parents. We also include a free hardcover copy of the book for the teacher!