Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to begin celebrating the mothers in our families. This year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 27th. This annual celebration allows us to show our mothers how much we appreciate everything they do for us. However, it’s also important to be aware of the home situation of your students as this can be a difficult day for those who have lost their mothers. As an alternative children could choose a female in their family who is important to them such as their aunt, grandmother, older sister or step-mother. 

Our mothers, or other female influences, care for us, guide us and encourage us every day. This Mother’s Day, encourage your students to celebrate the women in their lives with these 4 creative writing prompts. 

Writing prompt #1: My mam always says…

We’ve all gotten great advice from our mothers throughout the years. Tell your students to think of some important things their mam has taught them. These things can either be light-hearted or inspirational. For instance; “the sky’s the limit” or “if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all”. It’s important to let your students run away with their creativity. Alternatively, your students could take this in a different direction and write about a story she always tells or a song she always sings. 

Project idea: Firstly, discuss and brainstorm the various lessons their mother has taught them and write them down on the board. Secondly, encourage your students’ creativity by giving them examples of what life lessons the female figures in their lives have taught them growing up. After this brainstorming session, get your students to write about their life lessons and advice and publish them as fun, professionally bound classbook. What a unique and creative Mother’s Day present!

Writing prompt #2: My favourite memory with my mam

 Each child has different hobbies and interests so this writing prompt will be sure to encourage variety amongst the students’ stories. Their favourite memories with their mothers could be a trip to Disneyland, or going to a concert to see their favourite singer. Or it could be as simple as a time they went shopping together. Give your class the opportunity to learn about their classmate’s favourite things to do with their families. Moreover, it might even encourage them to pick up some new pastimes!

Project idea: Ask your students to bring in some old photographs to jog their memory of fun times they have had with their mothers or other maternal figures. Your students can recount what is happening in the picture to their classmates before writing their Mothers’ Day stories. These pictures can be included within their story or the students can even draw their own illustrations inspired by them to include within their professionally bound classbook!

Writing prompt #3: If my mam were a superhero, what powers would she have?

 Mothers everywhere consistently go above and beyond for their children. Superheroes perform extraordinary tasks on behalf of others, much like our mothers. They are smart, strong and keep the family together. These are all great points to explain to your students when sharing ideas for this story. Most importantly, this writing prompt allows the students to capture their imagination.

Project idea: Firstly, get each student to imagine and draw what their mother would look like as a superhero. For instance, they could write a story about the villains their mother faces. Secondly, use these illustrations to inspire their Mother’s Day superhero story and publish their drawings alongside their story in an imaginative, professionally bound class book that celebrates everything our mothers do for us!

Writing prompt #4: Five Things I should tell my mam

 Both adults and children alike have things they should say to their mother. This writing prompt gives students the chance to show gratitude and appreciation towards their mothers by compiling together a list of things they would love to tell them, whether this is a list of reasons why they are loved or various things they are thankful for. Alternatively, this prompt could produce a more amusing story by inspiring students to write a list of light-hearted, innocent confessions. 

Project idea: Get each student to write a list of the things they’d like to tell their mother.  Combine this list with drawings and illustrations of their mothers and publish them as a fun, professionally bound classbook!

Publish your own professionally bound classbook!

With these fun Mother’s Day writing prompts, students can create their own imaginative stories that make great, sentimental gifts that any mother would love to receive on their special day!

 Create an exciting event for your students by publishing their stories as a classbook that your students can always refer back to. Get started today by ordering our easy-to-use classbook publishing kit