The start of a new season is always exciting, and students can use spring writing prompts to welcome the new season with enthusiasm. Writing activities help students practise essential skills such as brainstorming, planning, organising ideas, and expressing thoughts in a clear and concise way. 

The following 7 spring writing prompts will kickstart your students’ creativity while warming up their writing muscles.

#1: Imagine you are a flower 

Describe what life would be like as a colourful blossom in the sunshine. What would your life be like on the first day of spring? Write about the garden you may be in, the other flowers, and even the bugs you would meet.

#2: The most magical tree on Earth

Write an adventure story about finding the most magical tree on Earth that grants wishes. The story could be based in your hometown, or it could be an entirely fictional place. Your characters can ask for things like world peace or to defeat a great evil in their world. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

#3: Write a spring poem or song

Create a poem or a song about bringing hope for brighter days during the start of springtime. It can be any genre. For poems, read the works of Yeats or Frost to gain inspiration for how to describe the wilderness, and for music, read up on folk music from a variety of cultures to get a well-rounded view.

#4: Your Future Self

Write a letter to your future self, predicting what you will be doing during next year’s spring season. Consider what changes may occur in your life and what goals you hope to achieve by then.

#5: Describe a day in the life of a bee

Describe a day in the life of a bee, from sunrise to sunset. Bees have important jobs in the environment. Without them, we wouldn’t have a variety of fruit and seeds, and of course, they pollinate flowers. Keep all this in mind when writing for this prompt.     

#6: When the bird met the squirrel 

Create a short story about an unlikely friendship between two animals in the forest. It could be about a fox and rabbit that have to work together or two animals from different worlds, such as a bird and a squirrel. 

#7: Write a spring screenplay

Write a story or screenplay about three students who take on a mission to save springtime by finding and stopping their greatest enemy. Imagine a world where there is an eternal winter and have your heroes fight a villain to bring spring back to the world!

These writing prompts will give your students lots of room to explore their creativity while also helping them practise essential writing skills in the classroom! Encourage students to be as imaginative and detailed as possible when brainstorming ideas, drafting stories, and revising their work. With these fun writing activities, students can look forward to tapping into their imaginations and welcoming the new season with ease. Happy writing!

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