This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 17th, 2022. The week leading up to the Easter break can be an exciting one. It allows your students to think about all the fun activities they will get up to on their time off, as well as getting to eat as much chocolate as they can! 

Why not create an Easter-themed classbook? Here are five writing prompts you can use to create one with your students. 

Writing prompt #1: Write about the journey the Easter Bunny goes on to deliver your favourite Easter eggs

Everyone has a favourite kind of Easter egg. Whether it’s Cadbury, Galaxy, Nestle or even Lindor, there is an Easter egg suited to everyone’s favourite kind of chocolate. For students who have an extensive list for the Easter bunny, this prompt can tap into their imagination. What kind of journey must the Easter Bunny go on to deliver up to standard for every child?

Project idea: Ask your students to brainstorm their favourite chocolate bars and types of chocolate. Then ask them to create their own perfect easter egg design and what extras would come in the box. Based on these creations, ask them to write a story on how the Easter Bunny goes about delivering their delicious Easter eggs.


Writing Prompt #2: Start your story with someone finding an object labelled with their name

Students are familiar with writing their names on things. Be it their tests, books, copies, and even their stationary or clothing. For Easter when there is more than one child in the house, the Easter bunny may label whose egg belongs to whom! Tell your students to start their story with someone finding an object labelled with their name. This could be an Easter egg or even a clue for the Easter egg hunt!

Project idea: Set up a treasure hunt with clues for certain students. Have questions about sports, books, or hobbies that only certain students would know the answer to so they work together as a team to find the next clue!


Writing Prompt #3: It was the highest stakes game of rock-paper-scissors ever played

When it comes to writing creative stories, the common formula involves conflict and resolution. Your students are used to spending their lunch breaks and free time playing games either with each other or on a sports field. Rock-paper-scissors is used to resolve a conflict and finalise a decision where the players disagree, so writing a story about this will guide them to use a conflict and resolution naturally!

Project idea: Split your class into two teams. A player from each team must play rock-paper-scissors against a player on the other team until there is only one player from each team. The winner will win a reward for their team – maybe some Easter chocolate. Have the class use this experience to inspire their stories with different stakes in mind!

Writing Prompt #4: Your favourite thing to do during Easter

Everyone spends Easter break differently. Some students may prefer the themed activities you do together as a class leading up to Easter, while others enjoy the quality family time. Some families and students do not even celebrate Easter. This prompt is sure to get them thinking about the fun few weeks ahead and write all about it!

 Project idea: This is a great brainstorming activity as a class group also! Have your class suggest their favourite activities to do during the Easter break, and create a brainstorm on the whiteboard. Keep the brainstorm up as they write and illustrate their part of the Classbook and keep a theme going throughout the entire book!


Writing Prompt #5: You have been assigned to make the BEST Easter egg of all time to represent your class!

Community is an important part of the classroom and every student’s life. The Easter Egg they create must best represent their class, who they spent lots of time with! Have them design what goes into the easter egg, as well as the packaging that best represents their class.

 Project idea: Have your students talk about their favourite memories as a class. Mention school tours, sports days, and fun classroom activities to get the ball rolling! After this is a great time to give them the writing prompt they can use to go on to create a well and truly memorable classbook. 


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Using these fun Easter-themed writing prompts will be sure to channel your students’ excitement for Easter into creativity. 

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