We know how important the skill of writing is for children which is why we are delighted to introduce OurClassBook – an exciting, collaborative project where every student in your classroom can become a published author. In this blog we take a look at the benefits of Our Classbook when it comes to perfecting the writing process. 

What is Our Classbook?

Our Classbook by CJ Fallon is a collaborative project that helps teachers turn their students into real, published authors! Our mission is to turn every student in Ireland into a published author. 

We provide teachers with everything they need to turn their students’ writings and drawings into a one-of-a-kind published book.

All classes and age groups can create a classbook from Junior Infants all the way up to 6th year with the only limitation being imagination!

How can Our Classbook be used to develop writing skills?

Our Classbook makes publishing a book with your students simple! Once you receive your kit the sky’s the limit. This fantastic writing and drawing task can form the basis for achieving a whole host of learning objectives such as spellings, sentence structure and of course story construction. It also helps your students to develop their teamwork, creative and imaginative skills which are crucial. As each student contributes a page of writing and drawing you can review their writing skills and provide personalised feedback to each child. Our Classbook allows your class to write about any relevant topic but for some ideas be sure to check out our topic page.

Create a sense of accomplishment

One of the best things about Our Classbook is the sense of accomplishment it will create for each and every one of your students. Our Classbook allows each student to become a published author. Be sure to celebrate their achievement with a book signing, book reading day or other special celebration. Don’t forget to let parents know as they can pre-order a copy of their child’s book for a limited time offer amount of just €10! The perfect gift for any relative and something that will be sure to have pride of place on any bookshelf.

We cannot wait to see all your amazing books so be sure to share it with us on social media using #ChildAuthors

How do I order my kit?

Simply order your free kit and set your publishing date. Your publishing date is a date of your choosing when you will send us your kits for publishing. 

Our Publishing kits include: 66 pages for writing and drawing, in addition to Cover, Title, Dedication and Author Pages. Kits also contain a student-created sample book, quick start teacher guide to help you through the process and parent order forms for those who wish to purchase a copy of the book.


Get in touch

If you’re interested in discovering how Our Classbook allows you and your students to be part of an engaging education project then contact us here.