Are you looking for some great classroom writing prompts? It’s that time of year again! The summer has come and gone and school has begun again. As a teacher, there’s no doubt your schedule is already filled up with getting prepped and organised for the year ahead. The first couple of weeks back to school can be difficult for some students as they may still be in holiday mode or they may be nervous about returning to school. This might make it harder for them to focus and engage in the classroom, so it may be a good idea to ease them into term with some lighthearted learning activities.

Why not start the school year in a fun and creative way by creating a classbook? Here are six back-to-school writing prompts that will get your student’s brains back in action and have them excited for the school year ahead!

Writing prompt #1: Write about your favourite day during the summer. What did you do?

When returning to school, your students will be really excited to share their summer adventures with you and their classmates. This writing prompt will give them an opportunity to write about their favourite day from over the summer break. This could be anything from when they went on a trip to a Saturday afternoon they spent with their family or friends. Your students will be able to use this piece as a keepsake to look back on in the future.

Writing prompt #2: “As I approached the school on the first day, I saw…”

Children love letting their imagination run wild and this writing prompt is the perfect way to do that and let their creative juices flow. This story could be taken in any direction, from walking up to the school gates and seeing a scary monster standing there or simply just a new student starting in a new school. This writing prompt will allow your students to practice their fiction writing skills by choosing the characters, setting, point of view, the theme and the plot.

Writing prompt #3: What is your goal for the new school year? What would you like to achieve by the next summer holidays? Write down at least 3 goals.

Encouraging your students to set goals for themselves for the upcoming school year will ensure their motivation levels are high. These goals can be very simple. For example, perfecting their handwriting or knowing all their times tables off by heart. This writing prompt will give students direction for the school year and give them something to commit to before the year is out. They can keep a record of their goals and tick them off as they accomplish them. As a teacher, you can also encourage them by rewarding them when they achieve each goal. Through small rewards such as a sticker or a fun eraser, you can motivate them to complete their goals by the end of the year!

Writing prompt #4: If you were the school principal, what changes would you make to the school? 

Many school children dread the day they return to school as they think it means it’s the end of their summer fun. Some of your students may see school as a place where they have to abide by the rules and work hard. For these students, it’s their dream to transform the school into somewhere they can run around and have fun with their friends. This writing prompt is perfect for letting your students’ imagination run wild, imagining their dream school. Your students may come up with their own rules such as no school uniforms or ice cream for lunch every day. The options are endless!


Writing prompt #5: Imagine that your school principal asks you for some new school subject ideas. What new subject do you wish was taught in school, and why?

Children have a wide range of skills and interests and may not enjoy every single subject. Some students may prefer more academic subjects such as maths and science. Others may prefer more creative subjects, such as art or music. Outside of school, each student might have various interests that they excel at that they cannot utilise when they’re in school. This writing prompt gives children the chance to imagine what it would be like to be able to explore their interests as academic subjects and not just as a hobby outside of school. 


Writing prompt #6: “In five years from now I will be…”

As a child, it can be fun to imagine what the future holds. This writing prompt will get your students thinking about where they’ll be in five years. Your students will be able to imagine what they’ll look like, what their interests and hobbies will be and what new friends they’ll have made along the way. As their teacher, you could also spark a conversation from your own school days, explaining what you expected your future to be like at their age and the differences there were! 


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