Are you looking for some fun team building games for your classroom? Whether you are looking for activities to help students get to know each other better, or games that promote cooperation and problem solving, we’ve got you covered! 

In this blog post, we will share eight of our favourite team building games. Team building in your classroom can improve productivity and collaboration. So, gather your students together and get ready to have some fun!

#1: The Human Knot

For The Human Knot, have the class stand in a circle facing each other. Have everyone put their right hand out and grab the hand of the person across from them. Then, with their left hand, your students should grab the hand of another student. Within a time limit chosen by you, the class must untangle themselves without letting go of their classmates’ hands. This game requires a lot of communication and thoughtfulness! 

#2: Zen Counting 

For this game, have your students sit in a circle. Have them count to ten, with only one student allowed to say a number at a time. When they get to ten, you can raise the number to make the game more difficult, and even have them sit facing outwards of the circle so they can’t see each other. This game encourages students to be patient and listen to each other.

#3: The Minefield

This game is best played outside. Place cones around afield or yard in a pathway with many options so that many students can play at once! Ask the class to pair up, and select one from each pair to wear a blindfold and one to guide the other verbally. Let the pairs make their way through the minefield with only verbal communication to guide them. 

#4: The Barter Puzzle

Have your class split into groups of 4 or 5 with a puzzle for each team. Have them try to put their puzzle together as a team and complete all puzzles as a class for a classroom reward. However, you will have placed pieces of their puzzle into other teams’ pieces. The class will need to communicate with each other to complete all the puzzles on time. 

#5: Blind Drawing

Split your class into pairs and have the students sit back to back from each other. Give one student in each pair a pen and a piece of paper. The other student will receive a picture of what the other person needs to draw. Through description, and not telling the other student directly what it is, they must describe the picture to the other person for them to draw. This will also improve their descriptive language and drawing skills for their classbook!

#6: Scavenger Hunt

Split your class into two teams and set up a scavenger hunt with hints around the yard or classroom. Each hint should be to a specific location for the next hint! This will get students to brainstorm out loud and think creatively together. 

#7: Web Of Wools

For this game get some yarn or wool and split your class into four teams! Give each team wool to make a spiderweb out of for several minutes. When they’ve made their web, have them rotate tables so each team is sitting at a web they didn’t make. Have one person on each team blindfolded, and the rest of the team must navigate and guide them through untangling the web. 

#8: Bridge Build

You can use various materials for this; lollipop sticks or even legos. Have the class split into small groups of four or five. They have twenty minutes to sketch and design their bridge, and then forty minutes to build it! 


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