With Halloween just around the corner, we here at OurClassBook think it’s time to start conjuring up some creative writing prompts to help your students create the next best horror story!

Whether you want your students to do some quick-write sentences or to spend longer writing an in-depth story to develop their creative writing, sentence structure and spelling skills, these easy-to-use and imagination-fueling prompts will be sure to get your students engaged. 

9 Writing Prompts

#1: You and your friends are out walking one night and stumble upon a haunted house. You decide to go in. Describe how you felt, what you saw and what you did.

#2: If you could create your own monster, what would it look like, what would it be called and how would it scare people? Draw a picture of the monster to illustrate its features.

#3: What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore? What did it look like and why was it your favourite?

#4: An alien has just arrived on planet earth on the 31st of October and has never heard of Halloween. Explain this time of year to it.

#5: You have been asked to interview a Vampire for the local newspaper. What 5 questions would you ask them and what do you think the Vampire’s answers would be?

#6: Your friend is throwing a Halloween party. What types of games will you play, what types of food will you eat and what will you dress up as? 

#7: You’re home alone and you hear something creaking upstairs. You go to investigate. What do you find? Describe what happens next.

#8: You eat one of the treats you received trick or treating and suddenly turn into a ghost for the night. Where do you go? What do you do? Who do you scare? 

#9: You decide to play a trick on your teacher to scare her for Halloween. What do you do and how does she react?

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We hope our 5 creative Halloween writing prompts have given you inspiration for your lesson plans this Halloween season. How about using these prompts as the basis for your OurClassBook published writing?

OurClassBook helps teachers turn their students into real published authors. This fantastic writing and drawing task can form the basis for achieving a whole host of learning objectives such as spelling, sentence structure, and of course, story construction. It also helps your students to develop their teamwork, creative and imaginative skills which are crucial. As each student contributes a page of writing and another of drawing you can review their writing skills and provide personalised feedback to each child. 

How do I order my kit?

Simply order your free kit and set your submission date. 

Our kits include 66 pages for writing and drawing, in addition to Cover, Title, Dedication and Author Pages. The kit also contains a student-created sample book, a quick-start teacher guide to help you through the process, and parent order forms for those who wish to purchase a copy of the book.

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