Are you looking for a fun and creative way to keep your students engaged in literacy learning during the next school year? Student publishing can be a great way to do just that! Publishing your own book can help to get your students excited about writing, and can also help them develop important skills like collaboration and organisation. In this post, we share five book project ideas that your students will love. Enjoy!

Good Versus Evil

Have your students write their individual classbook stories revolving around the theme of good versus evil! Before sitting down to write, try to inspire their minds with a brainstorm. Ask them to name stories or characters they know that represent good and evil. 

Then, encourage your students to write down what they had in common. This can include motives for being evil or good, story points, and evil or good acts. Et voilà ! This makes for the perfect base to string together their classbook!

Summer Memories

As it will be early in autumn when you return to the classroom, have the class reminisce about their summer! Ask them all about their trips, days out, and play times they had out in the sun. If they can’t find a particular memory  they would like to write about, encourage them to write a story about their ideal summer vacation instead. The classbook will serve as a great collection of summer memories!

Home Owners

Students have wild imaginations from a young age, and it’s common to dream about the ideal changes they would bring to their homes! Pools, waterslides, ball pits, a cinema room – the windpipe of dreams is endless. Encourage your students to imagine they won the lottery and write about what they would do with the money. Would they buy a new home? Or modify the one they have? Or buy several homes for each family member? Try to get them to think really outside the box! 

Toy Story

Encourage your students to write a story about their toys coming to life! How exciting would it be to have a 24/7 available-to-play friend! Ask your students about their favourite toys growing up or currently at home. 

Let your students’ imagination run wild by writing stories on the journeys or adventures they would go on with their toys if they were to come to life. The classbook will be a magical collection of diverse toy adventures fun enough to rival the Toy Story movies themselves!

Ocean Explorers

Did you know that eighty percent of the ocean is unexplored? When you tell your class this, they might get really excited to think about what could be out there! Encourage them to think about different types of fish, sharks, dolphins, or even mermaids that could exist deep down under. This classbook is sure to make a splash when you put their stories altogether to be published!

Make Your Class Student Publishers!

With these five book project ideas for back-to-school, students can create their own imaginative stories and pictures that make for a one-of-a-kind treasured memory!

Create an exciting event for your students by publishing their stories and drawings as a classbook that they can always refer back to. Get started today by ordering our easy-to-use classbook publishing kit!